2007 Christmas Concert at Clear Lake United Methodist Church

2006 Bayou City Arts Festival

2000 Christmas Concert at St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Country Place

The following photos were taken by John Unmack:

Grace Presbyterian Church, November 27, 1999

Grace Presbyterian Church, November 27, 1999

Texas Paralyzed Veterans Association Concert on November 13, 1999 at Veterans Administration Hospital, Houston

December 18, 1999 Concert in the starboard forecastle of the Battleship Texas

On the deck of the Battleship Texas, December 18, 1999

The following were taken at our Nov. 13, 1999 performance at the Veterans Administration Hospital

Our latest recruit, Michael Lawrence Brough, born Sept. 5, 2001:

Warming up for concert at Haak Winery

Haak Winery Concert, September 16, 2001

The Bones and Ben onboard the Battleship Texas, October 6, 2001